Ballistic: Advanced Edition App Reviews

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The best

Eh o melhor, nao gaste dinheiro com o resto.


The app is perfect.

No metric

No metric anymore, please fix it!


It does, what it is made for - very exactly.

Great app, need some updates.

I am really impressed overall. There does however seem to be some things missing. The biggest for me being the MOA calculator, it would be really nice to have the option for "True MOA" (1.0476" @ 100 yds) or "Shooters MOA" (1" @ 100 yds). This makes a huge difference. Also if in settings for HUD, you select 1/4 clicks, instead of haveing to figure out in your head what 27 click will show on you turret as (6.75 or 6 whole clicks and three, 1/4 clicks). Much faster in field.


This app is just perfect!!! a must to try! Worth every $$$


Save your money, gentlemen! This app is unstable. The weather, for example: you never know what U gonna get, Im switching from NOAA to Geonames with very little result, numbers pops by themselves and dont match my GPS or Aeroweather app, which takes report from NOAA too. Altitude is always different. Cant obtain location or shows wrong numbers. Temperature jumps from -17c to +20c (what?). U close the app and loose all your entries, even when the SAVE is on. Need to re-enter agane. U choose one amo - it jumps to the other... I can continue forever... What a headache! Save your money, gentlemen, save your money. Sent from Rigel.

It works...But theres one glitch

Ok. Trust it and you will hit your target. It works almost flawlessly. Great selection of calibers and loads. HUD helps you when shooting up or down (angle compensation). One glitch: when comparing the performance of different loads, the charts are transposed on top of each others and this leads to false energy/drop readings

works perfectly

rigelx- I dont know what your problem (or motive) is but this app has worked perfectly for me and Ive compared it to numerous other ballistic programs, and the updates and fixes are frequent.

Ballistic FTE review

I bought this app since I wanted something faster than going to JBM online. I like the app overall, a lot. But, it has a few glaring omissions, notably that its missing the Litz and rimfire projectile models, in addition to target lead for moving targets. I dislike that you cant choose the units in both columns of the output like you can online. I like the output to be both mils and MOA, as I rarely communicate trajectories in inches. I also dislike that you cant set it to round off mils to one decimal, which thankfully IS done in the HUD. Overall, an excellent app. But, I do hope these deficiencies are addressed in the next version.

The guy that wrote this is a genius!

This is the app you need


Overall pretty good, have to use it a little to get used to accessing and saving data, would be nice if it had a feature that would calculate your zero distance based on the point of impact at a known the nightforce program has

Great App!

Couldnt ask for a better ballistics app for the iPhone! Ive been waiting a long time for an app that lets me input wind data from multiple points downrange! This app has the options of choosing a simple user friendly HUD with a pre loaded cartridge; to advanced options including user defined: projectile, drag model, spin drift, and coriolis effect. This is a ballistics app using JBM calculations with any variable I could think of using. Very Happy!


Ive had this app for years, back to the original Ballistic app. There was a lull in development for a while but what has happened in the last 6 months is nothing short of astounding. Releases are coming out every few weeks with major feature updates or upgrades, and any issues with the new versions are fixed promptly. I tip my hat to you sir, I had purchased another ballistic calculator app to compare and since then the only feature I liked about the other app has been added to Ballistic. Simply awesome.

Very promising

The app is fully functional. It needs a touch here and there but these are minor. The Creator cares about it and it is under constant development. You will see it constantly improving. The features are coming up rapidly and you can bargain with the Creator. Great value for few pennies.

Awesome app

The developer is constantly updating this product! New updates are regularly coming (surprising how many actually). I have had this program for about a year or so and it has performed well. The more I started using it lately I began to think about a couple neat options like pulling on your own target and marking your groups.... Then bam... He did it... Lately all the new things are very welcome and Im very glad that the developer takes so much time to continue improving this program. Im happy to say this is the cheapest and one of the best methods I use to keep my load data and shooting progress documented and tracked.

great product/ great support

this software does exactly what I want it to, easy to use and has all the bells and whistles a guy could need. thanks for your hard work keep it up! S.

Desperately seeking instructions...

The problem looks to be pretty good BUT unless the developer writes some proper instructions or better yet tutorials (like other ballistic apps have) for first time users the program is essentially useless.

Best ballistics app out there

UPDATE 26FEB2013: I bought this app around June of 2012. The amount of new features the Dev is adding is simply amazing. This app pretty much does it all for the long range shooter. Trajectory, range log (you can use photos of your target and calculate groups!!), HUD, mil range finder, I found a thread about this app on the snipers hide forums and the developer is very active there asking people what features they would like to see. The crazy part is that a ton of the suggestions were implemented. This app feels like the frankenbaby of someone who loves shooting, coding, and has a touch of OCD. I strongly suggest this app to anyone with even an inkling of interest in rifles. Just playing around with different variables results in a huge learning experience. Most of the app is pretty self explanatory, however, I can see where some people might get frustrated trying to figure it out. I know the website has tutorials. Perhaps create a tutorial section that links to the website.


This seems like a good app so far, but, there is no support for Federal ammunition what-so-ever. I use all sorts, from cheap, to top cost ammo. Would really like to see support for federal and others for .308Win/.223Rem. Will rate higher.

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